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  • Exciting News: New LitRPG/Isekai book available for free!

    Check out “Artificial Dumbness,” an upcoming LitRPG book available for preorder on the Amazon and latest chapters available on Royal Road and Scribble Hub. Enter an epic game world with pirates, mermaids, magic, and a prison spaceship with vampires in a battle for survival and the planet’s destiny. Forced into a game world by a…

  • Ghost of Mulberry Pines

    Riza and Misty are in trouble again! When Riza wakes up, she finds herself holding a dead body and she cannot recall how she got there. Why is the ghost haunting Riza? Why is she having visions of the two girls trapped in a container? And can she save them? Find out more in the…

  • #1 New Release

    Saving John Doe achieved the #1 new release status on Amazon.com! Get it now! Free to read on the KDP and discounted to $0.99 for a limited time only!

  • Saving John Doe

    Debut Cozy Mystery Novel! An unconventional sleuth – a Sufi psychic with no control over her powers – a paranormal kitten – a dead body.Will Riza be able to figure out the killer before it is too late? I recognized “John Doe” the moment the coroner pulled him out of the morgue’s fridge. If only…

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